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The Buddhist Text Translation Society is an excellent source for Sutra texts and
meditation manuals, Dharma CDs, and other items. Their excellent books are too
numerous to mention here, so follow this link:
Master Hsu Yun is picture  here at
one-hundred twelve, he worked vigorously till
he died eight years later. His year by year auto
biography is published in the book, Empty
Cloud, by Charles Luk..

At the age of nineteen, he already possessed
deep realization. His parents, however, wanted
the family name to continue and married him
to not one, but two, young girls.

However, when he was put together with them
on their wedding night, he sat down in silence,
composed a poem for them, and departed.

The girls never saw him again. However, they
were so moved by the poem that both became
life-long Buddhist.nuns.

I have made a copy of the poem:
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Left: A just completed new
translation of the Surangama
Sutra.HH Dali Lama regarded it as
an excellent "practice text and my
own teacher, Master Hsuan Hua,
certainly regarded it as such.

This translation is unsurpassed as
the translators had the opportunity
to hear Master Hua's commmentary
on it during a multi- month lecture
series. Much of the text is
illuminated by this commentary.

It can be purchased directly from
Buddhist Text Translation
Society (Hard Cover,ISBN
9780881399622, 492 pages.)

My own comments on the
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The Green Bee's Magical Transformation: This is a little story about a
Carpenter Bee and I, a little anger, and a surprise happy ending.
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The Three Refuges
A complete recording of this
text is available in the audio
section for those wishing to
listen to it.
The great Buddhist
Translator, Edward
Conze, said that if he
could only have one
book on his death
bed he would choose
the Vissudhimagga, or
"Path of Purification."

This is a reference
manual on the entire
Buddhist path, from
foundational work to
the highest attainment.
Ten Ways To Build a Strong Practice

1: Consistency: A good strong practice is developed over a long period of time and we should understand this
from the very beginning. We must be in it for the long haul and practice like we eat, everyday, and several
times a day, even if some of the sessions are short. Just as we nourish the body best with rest, exercise; and
nourishing food, our practice should be based on good teachings, authentic teachings.

2:  Be patient with yourself and believe in yourself.

3:  Discipline desires, but don't suppress them. A good practitioner is able to sublimate the energy of desire
and direct it inward, and rest in the sense of fulfillment this brings.

4:  Keep the body light and pliant, diet disciplined, and sleep not too much nor too little.

5:  Choose a practice that suits your temperament and stay with it.  Since the fault usually lies in the
application, always  look to improve
how you practice and don't worry so much about which technique is best.

6:  Keep your life as simple as possible, with the fewest distractions.

7:  Cultivate friendships with others who are better than you or your equal.

8:   Seek out a good teacher and put his advice into practice. Rely on instructions from authentic sutra texts
when no teacher is available.

9:   Put aside all thoughts about progress and just work hard. You'll know when you get there.

10:  Be sincere. More than anything else, being sincere will assure your success.
The Three Jewels
The Heart Treasure of the
Enlightened Ones, covers
the entire Buddhist path in
simple language that reflects
the deep understanding of its
author, Kyabje Dilgo
Khyentse Rinpoche.
This is a book (above)I highly
recommend for the clarity in
which it explains the intricacies of
correct meditation. For both
beginners and advanced.
Master Kyabje Trulshik Rinpoche and
I, at his Himalayan monastery,
Thupten Cholling, app 1985

The Buddha is a guide whose motivation for teaching is his great compassion. Coupled with
wisdom, this compassion arose at the moment of the Buddha's enlightenment. The Buddha has
removed all obstructions and arrived at peace. Salvation for his followers must come from their
own effort; he can only show the way. He sees others as himself, Buddhas, but lacking
realization, others do not see the treasure within themselves.  He reveals a path that will lead
them to discover it; this path is known as the
Dharma, the teaching of the Buddha. Those who
follow his teachings and gather together for discussion and practice are the
Sangha. Together, the
Buddha, Dharma, and Sangha, are known as the Three Jewels.

                                                         * * *    
This prayer prayer book is
an excellent way to begin
the day and takes about five
minutes to read.
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Buddhist Teachings
Purchase a Bell and
Vajra and cure blindness
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Kyabje Trulshik Rinpoche (1980),
(1923-Sept 2, 2011)  I offered my first
to Kyabje Trulshik Rinpoche in 1969, and
he has influenced my life as a Buddhist
since.  Kyabje Trulshik Rinpoche embodies
the teachings of the Buddha and is one of
Buddhism's leading masters. He is the late
Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche's principle
disciple and discovered his
new incarnation.
Now Hiring
Inquire Within
Books I highly recommend.
A scroll of instructions that my
teacher, Master Hsuan Hua, wrote
out to me in 1977 and I have only
recently received.
I may have suffered from a detached retina had Dr. Paludal not intervened.

Dr. Paudyal is with Tilganga Eye Hospital, in Kathmandu Nepal. Many Nepalese have recovered
from blindness caused by cataracts and Glaucoma by undergoing treatment at Tilganga. Tilganga is
sponsored in part by the Himalayan Cataract Foundation. For only $18 you can restore the gift of
sight to a blind person in the Himalayas.
Visit for more information.
Master Hsu Yun, 119 years old, certified my teacher,
Master Hsuan Hua's, understanding and transmitted
the dharma to him, making him the head of the Wei
Yang lineage

To all Buddhas everywhere throughout all realms of time,
I take refuge and offer up my life. May all beings discover
this supreme source of blessings, and deeply enter the
Buddha's way.

In the still brightness of the Dharma's pure nature;
I take refuge and realize sublime prajna,
May all beings discover the treasury of sutras,
and fully fathom the depth of the wisdom sea.

With Samantbhadra, Manjusri, and the entire great assembly,
I take refuge and join in virtuous harmony.
May all beings be nourished by this great assembly;
and faithfully revere the holy sangha
Tripitika Master Hsuan
, with whom I took
ordination in 1972 and
stayed with until 1983,
when I returned to lay
life and began a family
in Nepal.
Life with the Master
Email Comments
Master Hsuan Hua, above
Master Hsu Yun worked tirelessly
teaching the dharma and yet never
thought himself above common
In the beginning there was nothing, nor was anything lacking.
The paper was blank. We pick up the paint brush and create the
scene. The landscape, the wind whipping water into waves.
Everything depends upon the stroke of our brush.
Our Ox lets the good earth lead it,
Just as our brush allows our hand to move it.
Take any direction, roam the world to its farthest edge.
All comes back to where it started... to blessed Emptiness.

Master Hsu Yun

For full set of verses
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Fred Klarer (DM Heng
Shou) Interview for
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HH Dali Lama website link:
HH Dali Lama
Perhaps the best source on the
web for a wide variety of Buddhist
instruction, all of which can be
downloaded for ipod use or cd
Thankas Low res
Karmapa on meat
I have several Buddhist Thankas from
my private collection for sale at
wholesale prices. Contact me
at if interested.
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This is probablly the
clearest book on basic
meditation practice I
have read. And, when
you or a loved one is
about to depart, a clear
Simple, yet profound and
engagiing from cover to
Thought for the Day, October 30, 2014

Much of the trash we throw out, if not all, to someone else would put to use. Not to
mention the third world, even in modern cities people go about collecting all kinds of
trash which they sell by weight. In some context everything has its value. On an
individual level, we all have physical and emotional "trash," stuff we would rather not
have. But, what we do with it depends on each individual's understanding. A bad
relationship may end in a break up, jealousy may be reflected in anger, a handicap may
cause one to seek to compensate for it, and so on. Generally, what we don't want we try
to get rid of in some way, just like we do trash. But, we have other options.

There is a story in Taoist literature about a deformed hermit who delighted in deformity,
claiming that it had kept him out of several wars and having to work for a living, instead
having free time to enjoy the wonders of nature and being free to wander as he pleased,
and keep enlightening company with his fellow hermits. This fanciful tale expresses the
importance of attitude; and how, with the right attitude, even a deformity could be
turned to one's favor.

Often life's situations are what they are and are not going to get any better by wishing
they would go away. In fact, much of what torments us gets worse by wishing it were
not there, like a barking dog that gets more and more enraged the more you kick at it or
try to beat it away with a stick. In fact, a barking dog generally stops if you simply sit
down on its level and remain quiet. Disturbing emotions, such as jealousy or hatred, are
very powerful and paralyze our thought, causing us to act in irrational ways, deepening
even more our problem.

Part of the difficulty in overcoming emotional and physical disturbances is the fact that
when they are not at our doorstep, we don't think about them and instead delight in
contentment. We forget that the propensities are still there and when the causes and
conditions come together we will again be controlled by them. For example, if we have
back problems, we may complain while having them, but think little about the problem
when our back is not aching. This is why we have back problems. If we really thought
about the back problems when not having them, we could do exercises and other steps
to prevent their occurrence. If when not in the midst of tormenting jealousy, we
meditated on the jealousy and in stillness looked at how destructive it is, and made this a
daily meditation when the jealousy was not upon us, making jealousy meditation a ritual,
although we may begrudgingly engage in such meditation, jealousy certainly not a very
lofty meditation topic, the end result would certainly be less jealousy, and eventually it
dissolving altogether.

Nothing goes away by wishing it so or covering it over by escaping to entertainment or
alcohol or drugs. Things we don't want go away by bring them in rather than trying to
shut them out.
                                             * * *
CTTB Audio 2014
Richard Josephson
This is a talk I gave to the
assembly of monks and nuns at
the City of Ten Thousand
Buddhas in the Kuan Yin Hall.
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The Surangama Sutra is now
available as a free Kindle and
PDF download:
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The Surangama Sutra is now
available as a free Kindle and
PDF download:
Click here to
After our steep descent from the clouds; see September
12 thought for account of day hike.